Other Services


The process of taking an idea from seed to flower can be extremely daunting, and we're here to help. We can help you navigate the process of creating a product and having it manufactured in North America. Let us guide you through the steps and make the process of putting a well made product to market a bit easier!



Have an idea and not sure how to make it a reality? That's where our small team of designers steps in. We'll work directly with you to make your idea a tangible item. Whether it be a one off custom or a full product line, we can help take your vision through the product design and development process.

Also, we love to work with other designers. If you need your projects developed from the design stage, we'd love to work with you!



Once you're products design is complete and a pattern is created, we can then move on to prototyping the product. Your idea will move from our design house to our production studio where we will make the first sample. From here the product and pattern can be tested and perfected to exactly what you want.



A sample is your gateway into fully producing your product for the masses, call it a polished prototype. The production sample is what all future items will be based off of and is the final stage of the design process. We offer full in house production services via Local Manufacturing, but are also happy to produce samples to be sent for production elsewhere!


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